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Founded in 1977, CARCO Group, Inc. and its three divisions (collectively, "CARCO"), is a nationally recognized information services company that provides investigative, fraud detection, and risk mitigation services to large corporations and business entities.

CARCO's Investigative & Security Consulting division and CARCO's Background Screening Services division provide comprehensive background investigations on potential and current employees, vendors, customers, and business partners, as well as drug testing through an alliance partner. Our services include domestic and international due diligence, general and financial investigations, litigation support, and physical security surveys. Our staff is comprised of former FBI Agents, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Forensic/Investigative Accountants, former law enforcement investigators, research analysts, and other key staff needed to support the various investigative programs offered by our firm.

CARCO's Inspection Services division provides insurance carriers with pre-insurance vehicle inspection reports (underwriting reports) that significantly reduce auto insurance fraud. This service is provided to more than 600 insurance companies through a network of more than 6,000 inspection sites. CARCO inspects more than 1.5 million motor vehicles each year.

We offer advanced direct data entry and tracking capability from electronic entry of forms through the completion of the background investigation. Over 80% of background cases are currently submitted to CARCO electronically via Internet entry or system-to-system interface.

Our valued clientele, which includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, relies on CARCO for the following:


CARCO maintains national and international capabilities, enabling us to provide unsurpassed detail in the verification process. Our services are conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws.

CARCO currently conducts over 2,000,000 reports per year system-wide. We store more than 50,000,000 documents and images electronically for our clients. To provide unsurpassed detail in the verification process of nationwide and international criminal history record checks, CARCO directly accesses numerous court repositories using online capabilities. Our services are conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, CARCO maintains a network of court researchers that are tested on a regular basis for accuracy and comprehensiveness using known criminal offenses and known clear search requests.

CARCO's Strategy
CARCO provides innovative business information services to a diverse and rapidly expanding client base. The business philosophy of CARCO is to select a single line of service and concentrate all of its efforts on that particular service to achieve the highest level of expertise and efficiency possible in the areas of time service, cost effectiveness, and quality. Through this concept of specialization, CARCO's goals are to provide the Customer with unsurpassed value-added service and to acquire a leadership position in each of the business sectors it serves. Our services all have the same characteristics in that they are: a) high volume in nature, b) excellent platforms to provide the opportunity for long-term relationships with Customers, c) highly automated, and d) fraud detection and deterrent in nature.

CARCO continues to make significant advances in the employment screening industry. Recognized as a national leader in quality of service, timely reporting, cost-effectiveness, state-of-the-art technology programs, and legal expertise in employee screening, CARCO serves many of the country's leading corporations. Through its technology, CARCO is able to quickly respond to changing customer needs.


CARCO, setting the standard for accurate and reliable screening for 39 years.

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