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Who we are.
CARCO is an HR technology and risk mitigation company. Started in 1977 as a background screening company, CARCO has evolved to become a full-service HR partner, helping clients manage their new hire process with our paperless workflow Onboarding Solution which is completely configurable, ensures efficient and compliant hiring, and makes applicant/employee engagement easy. Our full-service offerings include paperless workflow solutions, background screening products, international background checks, electronic I-9/E-Verify, vendor/contractor screening, drug testing, and fingerprinting services.


What we do.
At CARCO, it's all about you – our client. We are a customer-centric organization with service offerings that help our clients efficiently hire, screen and onboard the best qualified candidates. Our solutions engage you and your applicants early in the hiring process to proactively manage all the steps in the new hire process. Once an applicant is identified, CARCO's paperless workflow solutions automate and manage the entire life cycle of the employee. We provide efficiencies through automation with our Onboarding Solution, which engages applicants and/or new hires through a portal where they can directly supply their information and track their on-boarding progress.


At CARCO, we know your job is hard enough. Finding the right people for the right positions and then easily engaging them in the onboarding process in an efficient and effective manner can be a challenge. Adding to the mix compliance issues with the EEOC and federal, state and local legislation leaves much room for error.

TestimonialLet CARCO help. Our experts will work closely with you to customize solutions that fit your specific needs. As a proven leader in background screening and paperless workflow tools, CARCO has always been committed to staying ahead of the curve. Our Onboarding Solution provides a paperless and streamlined new hire process. Our expert tracking, analysis, and re-verification of data will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have the quality information you need to make the best hiring decisions. Our legal expertise will ensure that you are always in compliance with ever-changing federal, state, local and international law. We are proud to be known in the industry as the company with the utmost integrity. We are the "quality" company that organizations turn to for efficient hiring processes, and legal, compliant and accurate information to keep them ahead of the curve.

Our clients choose CARCO for our:


CARCO, setting the standard for accurate and reliable screening for 39 years.

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Please contact us to learn how CARCO's compliance-driven processes known as "eSecure Global" will help your organization become compliant and remain free from EEOC and FCRA issues. We look forward to hearing from you.